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Chanarambie Township Board

Meeting Date: 2nd Monday 
Meeting Time: 8:00 P.M.
Meeting Location: Treasurer’s Home (Karen Hurd)

Chanarambie Township History

Lime Stone
T106N R43W
Organized 19 August 1879

Chanarambie Township is on the west side; third tier of Murray County, with Pipestone located on its western border, Cameron Township on the north, Leeds Township on the east, and Moulton Township on the south. This township was originally named “Lime Stone,” but this name only lasted several years. The township name was than changed to “Chanarambie,” taken from the Sioux language. No trees were visible on the prairie line, and the Sioux had named this part of the country “tchan narhabedan“, meaning Hidden Woods.

The highest point in the county (which is also the third highest point in the state) is in sections 16, 21, and 27 of this township. This important ridge separates the waters, some finding their way to the Mississippi, while others join the Missouri. On June 28, 1838, Joseph N. Nicollet named this ridge, “Buffalo Ridge” for the stone buffalo that was outlined on the crest.

The community of Lake Wilson is located in Chanarambie Township.