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Mattress Recycling Program

Murray County is launching a new program to help keep recyclable mattresses out of the landfill.

Mattresses are bulky, springy, and a challenge for landfill disposal. These bulky items can fill up landfills in an alarming rate and it is time to think differently!

You can bring your used box springs and mattresses to the Murray County recycling building at 1820 Erlandson Drive between 8am and 430pm, Monday through Friday.

For a fee of just $10 per mattress, this new program aims to divert bulky waste in the landfill while turning these old products into something useful again.

Mattresses and box springs recycled through this new program are broken up into four main components: steel, foam, wood and fibers, which will be shipped off and used to make new products such as carpet padding, steel products, filters and automotive insulation.

Around 85 percent of the contents of a mattress and its box springs can be recycled, so let’s do our part.

As you start your spring cleaning, thing RECYCLE! If you have any questions, go to murraycountymn.com/recycling or call 507-836-6465