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Hadley, originally known as Summitt Lake, is located in Leeds Township, within three miles of being the center of Murray County.  The prairie village sits on a hill overlooking Summit Lake.  The lake is 80acres and is the tributary to Beaver Creek.

The village was surveyed on October 1, 1879 for the branch line of the St. Paul and Sioux City Railroad Company.  At this time, Summit Lake was then renamed “Hadley” by the railroad officials.  At one time there were only two villages in Murray County located on the branch rail line, Hadley and Avoca. Hadley was the third village in the country to be platted and had four streets and four avenues.
The residents of Hadley can trace their ancestors back to the first brave settlers who came from Norway when Native Americans camped on the shores of Summitt Lake. Hans Simonson, the first settler arrived in June, 1872.  The next was Chrstian Christiansen who arrived in October, 1872.
Then came Gilbert Johnson and Theodore Knutson, closely followed by Claus Clausen, L.O. Solem, Peter Thompson, Nels Sevenson, Hans Jacobson, Olus Johnson and Sven Nilson.
Hadley Buttermakers Baseball is a rich tradition in Hadley and they have had some good teams.  In the 1940s they went to state four times, 1940, ’42,’43, and ’45.  In the late ’60s Hadley was having trouble finding players and folded from ’68 to ’70.  In 1971 Hadley and Lake Wilson ballplayers again started the team, eventually moving it to Lake Wilson where a manager could be found. The Buttermakers are now back in Hadley and made a trip to state in 2001.The Hadley Community Center is a newer facility in town and is used by many different organizations for meetings, meals, dances, etc.


Laurie Mahon Park is widely used for baseball and softball games.